A Taboo Fantasy - Deflowered By My Aunt


A Taboo Fantasy - Deflowered By My Aunt
YOUNG BOY'S MOM BRINGS HIM TO HIS YOUNG, SEXY AUNT TO LOSE HIS VIRGINITY!!! AUNT CHERRY DEFLOWERS HER NEPHEW....WHILE HIS MOM WATCHES!!!! THEY ALL VOW NOT TO TELL UNCLE TED...... When Connor's Mom finds out that he is still a Virgin, she becomes quite concerned. "You're too old to be a Virgin" Mom says. Connor is completely embarrassed to be having this conversation with his Mother....and his embarrassment grows even more when Mom offers to Deflower him!!! Connor turns a bright shade of red, as his Mom makes her "odd" offer of teaching him about sex. Since Connor does not seem like he will accept the offer to consummate his manhood with his Mother...Mom has another idea. "How about your Aunt Cherry??!! She's close to your age....and I saw you looking at her when she was wearing that bikini last summer at the Family picnic". Connor "does" have a bit of a crush on his sexy, young Aunt Cherry....so he reluctantly agrees to let his Mom bring him to aunt Cherry's house. When they arrive at Cherry's house, Mom explains that awkward situation....and Aunt Cherry agrees to Deflower her Nephew, Connor....as long as no one tells her Husband...Connor's Uncle Ted. Everyone agrees that Uncle Ted shall never know....and with that....Mom watches, as sexy Aunt Cherry proceeds to Deflower her Son right in front of her eyes!!! Cherry Sucks her Nephew's cock, and marvels at it's enormous size.....and then Aunt Cherry lies on her back....spreads her legs open....and instructs Connor to insert his fully erect penis into her waiting vagina. Mom leans in for a close up look, as Connor's penis enters Cherry's vagina....and as Connor begins to pump away at his Aunt...Mom applauds...."HOORAY!!! You're doing it Son!!!! Way to go!!!!!". Cherry shows Connor all the different position for sexual intercourse....and then, at Mom's warning about Cherry becoming pregnant....Aunt Cherry tells Connor to pull out of her....and she finishes him off by masturbating him

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