A Taboo Fantasy - TWO PEAS IN A POD


A Taboo Fantasy - TWO PEAS IN A POD
TWO PEAS IN A POD MP4 HD THEY HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON...... THEY ARE BOTH RECENTLY SINGLE..... WHY CAN'T A BROTHER AND SISTER BE BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND??? THEY DECIDE......NO REASON!!!!! Lexy and her Brother Josh have always been close....but they are about to get closer than ever!!! Josh has broken up with his girlfriend....Lexy has broken up with her boyfriend....and they are together watching the Patriots!!! They are both HUGE fans. On top of their exes being annoying.....turns out both their exes are Giants fans!!! YUKK!!!! After the game ends...the two like minded Siblings lament the fact that they both find themselves single. After some venting....and some reflection....they come to a startling revelation. They have SO MUCH in common.....that they are actually the "perfect" couple!!! They agree with everything the other says...unlike their failed exes....they are both attractive....so they come up with a "unique" concept!!! Could they possibly become....."Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Brother/Sister"????? Could They??? Why Not??? They both seem to think the idea is wonderful...and before you know it...the two siblings begin making out! Lexy sucks Josh's cock....Josh licks Lexy's pussy....and then they Fuck and Fuck and Fuck and Fuck!!! Lexy finally ends up with a massive creampie inside her, and they question why they never though of this great idea before......Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Brother/Sister!!!!!

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