Adam Castle - Masked Psycho Turns Pansy Into A Toilet


Adam Castle - Masked Psycho Turns Pansy Into A Toilet
Well based on your accent, hair style, clothing, and britches I see you are definitely not from around here ain't you! What in the fuck are going walking around on my property? You walked into the wrong place and us country folks look after our own. You city queers always look down on us. This mask I am wearing is bull skin and it looks human. I really got to take a leak! Now queer move your head up and look at me! Time to learn your lesson. Us country folks don't take kindly to faggots. Why don't you like woman? I fuck my sexy cousins a lot and that stereotype is true about rednecks. Now look up and get ready to become a toilet. Yeah how you like the feeling of my pee on your face? Feels warm I know. Nice bath by pee. Now you are crying because you can't take any more pee. I'm not done yet. Time to drain my lizard! Feel the fury of my piss from a tough masculine redneck. Feel the splash of what I drank and it ain't faggot lattes. Now that I am done, get the fuck off my property or I get LEATHERFACE!!! Tags: POV MALE, POV GAY, PEE BATH, HUMAN TOILET, POV PEE ON, HAIRY CHEST, HAIRY BODY, BEAR, REDNECK, MASK FETISH, PSYCHO, HORROR, HALLOWEEN, VERBAL HUMILIATION, MALE DOMINATION, ALPHA MALE, CITY FAGGOT

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