Adam Castle - Retribution With Burps On Face


Adam Castle - Retribution With Burps On Face
Now who is the sissy now? What I am doing is my payback for always bullying me. You bully me because you always pick on me for sucking cocks and enjoying things up my ass. Today, hetero step-bro, I have my retribution! I will sip some soda pop and I will burp all over your bully face. BURP! BURP! Feels good doesn't it? I know you love burps in your face. You always call me a "FAGGOT" and a "QUEER" because of the lifestyle I was born with! Now who is the dominant one now? I also notice you are starting to get nice and hard from my burps too. You love the feel and the sounds of burps on your face! Or could it be you love my jockstrap? Now I want you to jerk off to my burps, bully homophobe step-brother! I will not let you go until you cum from my burps too. Keep on jerking and jerking to my burps. BURP! BURP! You love it in your homophobe face. Keep on jerking and jerking. BURP! BURP! Now you came all over yourself! Now finally taste your fucking cum and smear it on your face for always bullying me! It feels good getting even and your pathetic bully ass is humiliated!!! Tags: POV STRAIGHT, MALE DOMINATION, GAY RETRIBUTION ON STRAIGHT, STEP-BROTHER, TABOO, SODA POP, ASMR, BURPING SOUNDS, GAY UNDERWEAR, JOCKSTRAP, HAIRY BODY, BEAR

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