AedanRayne - Surprise Squirt Dirty Talk | Glass Dildo


AedanRayne - Surprise Squirt Dirty Talk | Glass Dildo
I want you. I want you here with me. Your cock hovering just above my face... teasing my lips. I can almost taste you. Your manhood slipping in and out of my dripping pussy as my body shakes under you. These thoughts drive me crazy. I can't wait any longer, and film myself as I play with my favorite glass dildo. I ask you to pull out my favorite toy, your dick, and stroke it. I love talking dirty to you! I want you to feel as amazing as I do when I touch myself; to cum hard with me. Fantasizing about you stroking your cock gets me going, makes my toes to curl, my lips quiver, and my vision begins to blur a little. What… what is this new intense feeling? A warm feeling rushes over my body, and I begin to ejaculate a stream of my sweet juices. If only you were here… you could have a taste. Thankfully, I filmed this video for you

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