AGirlNextDoor - Impregnating Mommy Complete Series


AGirlNextDoor - Impregnating Mommy Complete Series
Impregnating Mommy Part 1 - 19:09 Son is watching porn on his computer when he finds a video of his mom. She is blowing and fucking a complete stranger! Mom knocks on the door and comes in. She greets him and sees the video on his screen. She gasps and asks how he found that. She tries to explain that she had trouble paying the rent when she was in college and she needed the money. She begs him not to tell his father since he would definitely divorce her if he found out. Son says he doesn’t want to lie to his dad and he should tell him. She begs him not to tell and says that she will do anything for him to keep the secret. Anything? Yes, she confirms. Anything. He tells her he that he has always wanted a little brother. But dad had a vasectomy after you were born, she says. Not from dad, from him. She gasps and immediately refuses. They can’t have a baby together because they’re mother and son! Fine, he says. He will tell dad about the video. Wait! she begs. What if she just lets him see her naked. Would that be enough? She slowly starts stripping until she is completely naked. There, she says. Is that enough? He says no. He wants her to suck his cock just like she was doing in the video. She hesitates, and says she will only do it if he promises this is as far as it will go. He says it is a chance she will have to take. She gets on her knees and sucks his cock for a bit until he feels like he is about to cum. He tells her to stop and to lay on her back so he can fuck her. She begs him not to, and says it will be much better if he cums in her mouth. He refuses and says he will show dad the video. Wait, she says. You can fuck me only if you wear a condom because I’m not on birth control, she insists. He agrees. He slides his cock inside her pussy. When he is about to cum, he tells her he never put a condom on. No please don’t! she shouts. But it’s too late. He blows a huge load into her pussy. After he finishes, he makes her show him the huge creampie he left inside her. She asks him if she can please go wash it out. He refuses, saying she has to keep it all inside her. He tells her to push it in deeper with her fingers. She hesitates, but eventually complies. He tells her he is going to fuck her every day until she gets pregnant. Wade Cane, Jane Cane, creampie, cream pie, cumshot, cum shot, taboo, family, cheat, cheating, pregnant, shiny cock films, blackmail Impregnating Mommy Part 2 - 12:13 It has been 2 months since son started fucking mom and she still isn’t pregnant. One day, he finds his mom looking through her bathroom drawers. She looks frantic and flustered. He asks her what is wrong. She quickly tries to regain her composure and says nothing is wrong. He asks if she is looking for something. She says she can’t seem to find something that the doctor gave to her. He asks if she means birth control. She quickly denies it and says that she wouldn’t do that because she knows that h...

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