AglaeaGroup - Meeting My New Stepson


AglaeaGroup - Meeting My New Stepson
Jack is introducing his new wife to his son Nicky for the first time... but Jack doesn't know how to break the news to Nicky that they're THE SAME AGE! "Just play along with me on this..." Jack says to his bride, Zoe. Once Nicky walks in, Jack instead introduces Zoe as Nicky's new stepsister! Zoe having her fill in older men quickly takes a liking to the new young stud sitting across the table from her. Startled, Nicky rushes out of the room, hiding his erection from his father.  Much later, Nicky spies his new stepmom masturbating. He can't look away. Far too hot and bothered, he pulls himself away from her doorway, just in time before his old man walks into the room and starts munching on Zoe's sweet pie.

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