Alex Coal - First Findom Vid Pay For My Hair Stylist


Alex Coal - First Findom Vid Pay For My Hair Stylist
This is my first findom recording. I want to have a talk with you after my camshow. You aren't sure why I would need to chat one on one and it's making you nervous but excited. What could Goddess Coal possibly want to discuss?? When you sign into skype you see that I'm topless and your brain gets foggy, you can't think straight while staring at my perfect tits. I know you're weak for me, that's why I'm teasing you like this. Turns out I've found a way for you to be useful to me, isn't that wonderful?! People love seeing my beautiful mane of hair done up in elaborate ways and I don't have the time to fiddle with it myself. That's where you come in. You get to pay for my hair stylist, someone to pamper me and sculpt my hair into an elaborate work of art for my shows and videos. You can do that simple thing for me, can't you? Send your tributes here on Manyvids, through, or like a good boy

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