Alexandra Snow - Queen of the Fempire


Alexandra Snow - Queen of the Fempire
Citizens of the world. It is I, your Queen. I’ve come to address you as the new ruler of this world. There’s going to be lots of changes around here. You’ve all let this world go to war and ruin and I’m here to put an end to it all. I am your supreme ruler and with my army of slaves, I’m going to impart my will upon the world. What is that will? I’ve decided that you’re all going to be my slaves. I’ve collected the people I think are worthy and we’re going to rule over all of you while you work and toil. I and my inner circle will be spoiled and powerful while everyone else will have to slave away at our feet. This is the new world order. Get used to it, bitch.

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role play goddess worship mind fuck sfw female supremacy