Alexis Rain - Paris Beatdown Part 1


Alexis Rain - Paris Beatdown Part 1
Custom: Would like it to begin with you both standing face-to-face, her overly confident as she's larger.. You then walk up to her and you explain after grabbing her face with your perfect hands and bringing her face very close to yours, you're gonna enjoy dominating the s out of her, then making her your foot bitch after you beat her up. from there, you very physically bring her to the ground, and get to work. -getting her to the ground with pinning - your knees on her shoulders and school girl pin -leg scissors around neck -body scissors -reverse neck scissors -rear naked -arm bar with feet in/near her face -really any way you can think of to show off your perfect body by wrapping her up and making her tap would be great A continuation of putting her in those moves with enough pressure to a tap, then repeat! *if you could "dom talk" while making her tap that would be great* (calling her your bitch, making fun of her that while you're smaller, you're much stronger, etc.) *definite muscle flexing (biceps) while dominating* This clip features just the beatdown. Foot bitch part is separate

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