Anuskatzz - FREE - photoshoot behind the scene 2.0


Anuskatzz - FREE - photoshoot behind the scene 2.0
Photoshoot with Manyvids Model Anuskatzz. Today i was Behind the Scenes for a sexy Fetish Photo shooting. I just show u some nice b-rolls , cinematic sequences and some of the Picture results. Model ANUSKATZZ TATTOO BY: Thanks to Photographer Alex: _____________________________________________________ Today we talk about the meaning behind a face tattoo. What sems extreme, radical, insane or just cool for many, can be a very big and meaningful step for others. I have my friend angelo over a day after he finished his facetattoo and we speak about the long process and ho a tattoo artist should be about with his customers so they can have the same powerful experience as we had. ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------- ITS ME - LILY LU I stand somewhere between subcultures, tattoo, body modifications and modern rituals of our time. psychedelic shaman rites or just a insane surreal illusion of our society. In between my sextransition i give up any kind of limitations in gender, life, society, the outside reality of what we call earth and anything else surrounding my body or my mind. call it what you want. this is life and this is happening. Anyway i`m thankful for critic in any way. Let me know in the comment section what you think about. ----------------------------- SUPPORT ME: When you want me to invest more time in more personal youtube videos you have a easy way to really support me and help me making my living and my life with it. You can support me easy over my patreon page and give me a little bit of a regulated income and supportive feedback to keep the system running. As thank you you will get acces to a monthly private video, backstage pictures and a lot more private stuff. MERCH AND ART from ME & psyland 25 : MY TATTOOS and my temple : ----------------------------------------- MUSIC & licenses for my and your videos - YOUTUBE statistic and SEO tool i use - SOME OF MY GEAR AND GADGETS - ----------------------------------------- ------------------ FOLLOW ME : ------------------

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