Arena Rome - Chastity Cuck Tease


Arena Rome - Chastity Cuck Tease
part 1 of cock cage clitty cum challenge.  queen arena rome is neither very happy today with her cuck hubby nor her long term lover.  she and her lover agreed that he could start having more control over her cuck like giving him chores to do, run errands, service him via bringing him [], running his bath as well as fluffing and cleaning him etc.  well it turns out that cuck boy has been so desperate and eager to please that the queen's lover wishes to grant him a release from his cock cage every 30 days instead of 90 days the way queen has established.  as a means of compromise with her lover (of course never compromising with the cuck) she decides to giver her lover's idea a chance, however with one little twist (pun intended).  if cucky wants to be released every 30 days he will have to use a magic wand on his cock just like a woman does on her clit and he absolutely must cum this way but with one caveat - he better not get hard.  in short (yes) he must cum on the soft, if he gets hard at all, back to chastity for a full 90 days for him.  queen is pulling out all the stops in this clip to try to tease cucky in every way before letting him out of his cage and hopefully leading him to failure, which of course they are all quite familiar with.  how else does a pathetic man end up living the life as a cuckold without first being a failure as a lover?  let the games begin

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