Ashley Alban - Ash Watches Her Porn


Ashley Alban - Ash Watches Her Porn
Ok, we are suspending reality a little more than usual in this video. This is the sequel to “Ash is Nasty AF” (you should def check it out if you like bathroom scenes, dirty panties, and lots of asshole in your face). SO, in this reality, Ashley isn’t a porn person and she made “Ash is Nasty AF” on a freaky whim and uploaded it to the internet for perverts other than herself to enjoy. This video starts out with another bathroom scene with her peeing (if you’re not into pee, just skip ahead to 1:45). Afterwards, Ash goes to her bedroom and is playing around on her laptop when she remembers that video she posted a while back. She opens up the file and starts watching herself. She loved sniffing her dirty panties, but the fact that so many people saw her doing it makes it even hotter. Watching and thinking about the video immediately turns Ash on, so she decides to masturbate to her vid. She grabs a dildo, pulls her panties to the side, and buries her toy in her asshole. Ash fucks her ass cowgirl as she watches her own porn and talks dirty

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