Ashley Alban - Step-Mom Shows Off New Clothes


Ashley Alban - Step-Mom Shows Off New Clothes
Your step-mom comes home with a few shopping bags and asks you if you can meet her in her room. She explains that she just heard from your dad this morning that he will finally be back from his business trip this weekend. She says that she was so excited, she went out and bought some new clothes to wear for him. She wants to ask you for your opinion on some of the things she got since you’re younger and you probably have a better idea about these things. You agree to help her out, and she promises that she won’t take up too much of your time. She starts off with a regular t-shirt and changes behind a curtain. Even though you can’t really see her, you can see her silhouette and it’s very sexy. When she gets her next outfit to show you, she forgets the top and walks back with just her bra on. She looks embarrassed and quickly grabs the shirt. She then starts to try on sexy dresses and you can’t help but look up her skirt whenever she bends over. The last dress is very low cut, and her breasts pop out of it and you see her nipples. She laughs it off and says she’ll have to tape the dress down next time. She tells you that she showed you all of the clothes, but you point to her other bag. She explains that she can’t show you those items, they’re just for dad. You press and she tells you that she bought new lingerie. You say that since you already saw her nipples, you might as well give your opinion on the lingerie too. She agrees and tells you to promise not to tell your dad. She shows you a few pieces, the last being a crotchless teddy that doesn’t cover her breasts. You definitely have a full boner now. She realizes this and asks if you know how to take care of yourself. She pauses and then says that she’ll help you out since she was the cause of your boner. She gets down and starts to jerk you off. She can’t believe how much bigger you are than your father. Her arm gets tired and she has an idea to get you off faster. She tells you to close your eyes. You do, but when you feel her lips on your dick you open them again. She scolds you but continues to suck your cock and then jacks you off so you can come all over her tits.

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