Ashley Alban - The Bartender


Ashley Alban - The Bartender
The full version of "The Bartender." The video begins at the bar where you begin flirting with your hot bartender. You are away on a business trip and you just want to have a bit of fun. She becomes very flirty and admits that she hasn't gotten laid in a while. After some naughty talk and flashes, she gives you her number and says she will text you when she gets off of work. A few hours later and back at her place, she immediately starts to strip. She takes off her tight corset revealing her large breasts, and then pulls out your dick to suck it. Once your dick is hard, she bends over her bed so you can fuck her doggie and watch her big ass bounce. You finish all over her face and decide you definitely have to fuck her again if you are ever back in town.

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