Ava Black - Lick the crack


Ava Black - Lick the crack
Includes - asshole fetish - asshole worship - ass worship - cock tease - ebony - verbal humiliation - ebony femdom - femdom pov - bdsm - ass spreading Do you like how I look slave? I can call you that, because just the look of sheer lust and shock on your face gave you away! slave I like the way that rolls off the tongue. Seeing you quivering at the perfect sight of me makes me giggle. I'm gonna make you suffer to please me you know that don't you? I want you to get on your knees! Like the slave that you are! Helplessly addicted to me in every way possible. You don't deserve to watch me like normal men would. You don't deserve to desire me in a normal way. All that you can desire or lust after is my asshole! You heard me! My asshole! That's what you deserve! Nothing more! And even that is too good for you!

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