Aziani Studios - Holly's performance today


Aziani Studios - Holly's performance today
We told you we were breaking all the rules in Holly's gangbang today; you can see we're telling the truth just from the opening shot. Holly isn't perched on the pedestal for a photogenic opening, she's already on the floor sucking off her Cocksmen. The pedestal is still pushed all the way in the corner. No pedestal? No problem. The guys start suspending Holly in the air with their arms as a cradle as they begin taking turns fucking her. Scotty P. is up first, followed by Randy. Don't forget superstars Tyler Faith and Rachel Aziani are sitting on the sidelines watching Holly's performance today. Remember the gummy stick figures in sexual positions Chris had Holly pick out? She drew a standing-fucking gummy. Now she has to reenact that position with Chris. Eventually the pedestal gets pulled out to its usual place so Holly can get banged in all positions on top of it. Since this is Holly's second time at the Gangbang Station, she knows how to keep her hands and mouth full while she gets her holes pounded by her Cocksmen. With the action heating up so quickly, the guys couldn't hold out much longer. Chris Cock drops creampie #1 in Holly as she lies in mish on the bench. She remembers our motto, "FUCK 'EM, FILL 'EM, FEED 'EM as she takes the load deep in her pussy, pushes it out, then lets Chris feed it back to her willing mouth. Scotty P. is up next as he loads Holly with creampie #2 while she vibes herself to ecstasy. A Randy ride comes next before cameraman Kyle can't hold back and joins the fucking action to drop another load in Holly. The count is rising quickly now as Holly also gets a bonus load on her face from Scotty. The double shots keep cummin' as Chris puts his second creampie in Holly while she is planked out on the pedestal. Not to be outdone, Alex fertilizes Holly's face with another load like a cherry on top at the end of Hollly's epic, 50+ minute gangbang. It's no wonder why Holly and all the Cocksmen are dripping with sweat by the end of this one. Notice the cool drinks Tyler and Rachel nurse as they observe all the hot action. This one will go down in the history books, folks. Next week's gangbang queen has a tough act to even try and top. Who will it be? Hopefully we'll have time to dry off the floors so it's not a giant Slip-n-Slide next week. Will the big yellow "wet floor" signs still be up? Tune in next week and see on!

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