Aziani Studios - We proudly present Lyra Lockhart


Aziani Studios - We proudly present Lyra Lockhart
We have a new favorite around the Gangbang Station this month. Fresh off her debut at Mr. Salty's and, we proudly present Lyra Lockhart, today's GangbangCreampie sweetheart. 20-year-old Lyra tells us she is a big fan of the "direct deposit." She loves it when guys cum in her pussy. Man, has she come to the right place! We also learn that Lyra has an oral fixation and likes to eat the cum out of her pussy or off her tits. This is one gangbang girl who was born to be FUCKED, FILLED, AND FED! To spice things up a little bit, Lyra likes it rough too. She enjoys being thrown around a little. Her four Cocksmen should be able to see to that. The fact that she is going to get SIX LOADS out of them should tell you what a good job she is about to do once she gets up from that interview chair. Even though we know she already has a little bit of kink to her, we find out this will be Lyra's FIRST GANGBANG! She may be a cute college coed you would expect to have banged the whole football team already, but she has only been with two guys at once before today. Don't worry; the Cocksmen are about to bang any shred of prudishness out of her soon. Chris Cock joins the interview crew this week and educates us on "anime boobs," which Lyra certainly has. Watch the interview, if you're intrigued. Even if anime is not your thing, you'll still get to see a righteous pair of big, natural tits. Everybody wins. Butt-men and pussy fans, don't feel left out. Those shorts eventually fall off too so we get a full view of all Lyra's awesome assets. Chris finds himself speechless (for what might be the first time ever) once Lyra gets her legs up over the arms of the chair and puts her increasingly wet pussy on display. Well done, Lyra. She even wraps up her interview with an impressive display of the splits, naked. Gold medal material. Be careful guys, she's also a black belt (in Tae Kwon Do). All that flexibility is about to come in handy as Lyra gets ready to get FUCKED, FILLED, AND FED on the gangbang pedestal, just moments away. Come back soon to see it all on!

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