bbwbreanna - PREGNANT BELLY


bbwbreanna - PREGNANT BELLY
I've been working hard becoming so plump but my belly never seems quite big enough. When my boyfriend arrives home I have already thought up quite the solution and with my bratty mentality and I always get what I want. I tell you I want you to get me pregnant! I can grow a huge beautiful belly all the while packing on a bunch of weight and then when the baby is born we can hire a nanny so I can get right back to my obese ways watching television and snacking to maintain my beautiful blubbery figure. I tell you I want you to keep getting me pregnant so I can have the sexiest massive belly around and you will love it too! Imagine all the naughty fun we are going to have! I can't wait any longer and spread my legs revealing my sexy fat pussy lips and tell you I want us to start right now, I want you to shoot your seed in me and knock me up

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