Brandon Iron - 18yo JENNA PRESLEY: Suck and Swallow


Brandon Iron - 18yo JENNA PRESLEY: Suck and Swallow
18yo JENNA PRESLEY: Suck and Swallow I met Jenna when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. She wore black, strappy, open-toed high heels. French-pedicured toes. Matching bra and panties. Infectious smile. Long brunette hair. She explains the history of her stage name. "Jenna" pays homage to a good friend she had while stripping at age 15. The friend had passed away and her last name was Preston. Jenna modified it to Presley so the initials would be the same. Her grandmother shares the same initials, too. Jenna grew up in Chula Vista and she would cross the border to Tijuana to do stripping. Somehow, that's ok there, at least at the bars she cites: "Peanuts and Beer "and "Pussycats." Jenna explains the history of her knee scar, a souvenir of a torn ACL sustained while practicing tumbling during her cheerleader days. The injury ended her cheer career. Top comes off. Shows off her pierced tummy, a gift to herself when she turned 13. Guys compliment her bubble butt, so she models her booty-shorted rump. She has a fairy for a tramp stamp tattoo, copied from Britney Spears. Ass spread. Jenna drops to her knees to give head and tells me she's swallowed since first giving head at 15. Inside my head, a mariachi band starts playing as I enjoy her skilled blowjob technique. "Oooohhh....what a big cock you have! I'm such a dirty little whore sucking it." I remember stopping the camera because she went too "porno" for me. I asked her to just be herself and you can judge for yourself if I made the right call. Two-handed counter-clockwise corkscrew swirls. She monitors my responses to different sucking. Ball sucking with simultaneous stroking. Jenna promises to eat the load. Face bobbing. I fuck her tits and she begs for cum. White gold gets dumped onto her pink tongue and she takes it down in one gulp. "Yum!" she says

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