briellajaden111 - 19 Year Abby on The Cunt Busting Machine


briellajaden111 - 19 Year Abby on The Cunt Busting Machine
Abby is definitely a good model, and a fan favorite in every category I have put her in. However, she's a smart ass. This is probably why we get along so well. She is the type of girl who won't back down to anything or anyone. My sentiments on life exactly. So I challenge her to withstand my new contraption. We built a cunt busting tool for scratch. I am the only other model who has been on this new "toy" or "pain structure" whichever you prefer to call it. Abby agrees not wanting to be out-shown. I am not going to be nice to her either. Anybody can sit on it, however it's what happens once your on it that makes this thing so evil and ruthless. I cuff her legs to either side of the hard pole she is sitting on. I even put a pillow on the pole for her, because that's not where the pain stems from. I strap her hands to the pole in front of her to steady her. I cuff her thumbs tightly. Next, I grab my duct tape. This is the challenging and hard part. I tape her mouth to the pole behind her, and her neck with several layers of duct tape. It's got a good, strong hold on her. Every time she moves her cunt is pressed to the pole in front of her. However, she still has some room to breathe. We haven't started yet! Her elbows are also evilly cuffed. When I connect the come-along her misery is about to start. I torment her with the noise first. I am all about psychologically fucking someone too! "Here that noise bitch?! That's about to be your cunt busting in just a moment!" Poor naive, little girl! She has no idea what's about to happen, and how every time I crank the come-along all of her body weight is going to be pressed into the pole in front of her until she feels like her cunt is about to rip in two! I start cranking the come-along, and it does it's job well. The tape pulls on her neck. Suddenly, she's not so hard anymore. She begins to cry, and moan into her gag with wide bewildered eyes! You see - She can't stop this from happening. I have all the control! I am a bitch so of course I plan to make her suffer it out! I keep cranking the tool again and again... It's working just as I planned. She cries and screams.. I come back half-way through and take the tape off of her. I didn't think she could stand one more minute of it anyways. I had other plans for her. I change up her cuffs, and let her see the key. Want this bitch?! I bet you do! I cuff her elbows to the chain behind her tightening them up immensely. She thought it was going to get easier when I took the tape off! HAHA! Not in my world slut! I hair tie arching her pretty, young head backwards. All the while the come along is never released from her aching pussy! Another bitch is brought down to size! I gag her with duct tape, but I get a little carried away with it. It's a shame to cover up her beautiful face, but that's exactly what I do. I tape up her entire face with the stuff! She's left in pain, blindfolded and with her...

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