briellajaden111 - No Pitty For Pregnant Girls


briellajaden111 - No Pitty For Pregnant Girls
Sherry was running her mouth about me again. I was known for my strength, agility and amazing legs. Sherry was also pretty well known for the same attributes. It would be a pretty even fight. I know I should wait until after my pregnancy to challenge the bitch, but I am pretty sure I can take her. "I have no pity for pregnant girls though!" Sherry tells me. I am sure I don't need her mercy. One look at my legs and once she feels the strength of them around her neck, the pretty bitch would be sure to tap. We meet at my house, and the wrestling begins. She is so strong. But so am I. We each take turns KO the other one. Then we play with each others limp limbs. Lots of ragdolling, KO's, girl girl play, catfighting and of course scissoring. Hot video

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