CandieCane - Dancing with Emma at MFC Party


CandieCane - Dancing with Emma at MFC Party
I start dancing for you all by myself. I am wearing a sexy little black dress, with green MFC lights behind me! I am teasing you and then all of the sudden my girl Emma grabs me and starts to play with me! We are teasing and grinding on each other and laughing! Then she pulls my boobies out and I should only do the same to her in return! She goes topless and has cute little black X pasties on. We dance with each other, spank each other, and then realize that everyone in the model meet up room is watching us LOL! Then the bouncer comes over and tells us that we need to put our tops back on?! A cam girl party and we can't show boobies?! So we help each other get dressed again LOL! Silly tipsyyyy ladies in Vegas hehe

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