DakotaCharmsxxx - Humiliate Our Teacher


DakotaCharmsxxx - Humiliate Our Teacher
Dakota and Bailey are the cool popular girls at school. They know that they are just too bad ass to do all of the work that the nerdy teacher Mr. Hart is assigning. Dakota and Bailey explain to Mr. Hart that they have no need for this knowledge and suggest that they should just suck him off in order to graduate. He continues to resist the girls and Dakota and Bailey come to realize that Mr. Hart probably enjoys dressing in women’s clothes. So they make this queer take off his pants and put on this very sissy tutu. Then they place a nice and sparkly shirt on him and give him a pretty wig so that his homo cross dressing look is complete. Also during this whole time, they are continually verbally degrading this pansy teacher and belittling his manhood at every opportunity. Mr. Hart then again attempts to teach the bratty girls their actual lessons, but Dakota and Bailey are having none of that and continue to do what they please as Mr. Hart just stands there as a faggy little crossdresser.

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