Divinely - Medical Glove Masturbation


Divinely - Medical Glove Masturbation
Do like my gloves? I love the feeling of gloves on my body, and my gloved fingers sliding into my wet hole. It turns me on so much to wear gloves when I masturbate. Calling all glove fetishists. In this video, I begin with a close up shot of me stretching, scrunching and creating ASMR styled noises with the gloves. I then put the gloves on and run my hands sensually all over my naked body. I begin to masturbate, first rubbing my gloved fingers on my clit and eventually moving to gloved fingering. I oil my holes and slip a gloved finger inside my ass. After warming myself up, I insert a beautiful, jewelled butt plug. I introduce my bullet vibrator and bring myself to a gloved plugged orgasm. Teaser music is CC-BY-3.0 by Punch Deck @ Soundcloud. Tags: gloves. medical gloves. latex gloves. gloves masturbation. nitrile gloves. My other gloves videos: Nurse gloves handjob: www.manyvids.com/Video/2923986/Nurse-Medical-Glove-Handjob-POV/ | Latex Gloves Handjob: www.manyvids.com/Video/3218309/Latex-Glove-Handjob-POV/

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