Dusk Films - TRAILER Nerd Pervert S01E16 Masie Dee


Dusk Films - TRAILER Nerd Pervert S01E16 Masie Dee
Masie Dee – The Fake Podcast Con www.manyvids.com/Video/809758/Nerd-Pervert-S01E16-Masie-Dee/ Wow I can’t believe my con worked on a pornstar. Masie Dee was a model I had met at the odd industry party I managed to talk my way into pretending to be this producer I say I am. We got talking and we talked about working together. I took too long as she said she was leaving the country as she had another job. I had missed out big style. She has family in my area so she said she would pop round and do an interview for the site. I had thought what if I could get her to do a scene but I thought a porn star would not do this for free would she? She arrived and we did the interview, then I started getting a hard on since we were taking about her job and how naughty she has been over the years. I thought wow this is great. I mentioned that I was getting turned on, she seemed to like Scarlet and she said she would get her tits out, but I wanted a blowjob. She teased and teased until Scarlet was the one who grabbed my cock and put it in here mouth. Masie teased and teased but once that cock was in her mouth she just went for it big style. What a technique on a cock she had, sucks and licks your cock with her tongue wow. She sucked and sucked on it until she sucked the cum right out of my dick. Wow it felt so good and you never guess what she said she wanted sex afterwards. To Be continued

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