Dusk Films - TRAILER Nerds S06E04 Sophie Garcia


Dusk Films - TRAILER Nerds S06E04 Sophie Garcia
Sophie Garcia - Mixup Nosh Well I have a busy few days ahead of me, I have a girl in to do a shoot today who wants to get into porn and as you all know I am her man to make her dreams come true lol. The girl tomorrow doesn’t want to do porn, she just wants to do modelling. Well she is going to get a shock, when I use my nerd charms on her then isn't she? Everything was going really well, until I stripped off and got my cock out. She looked so confused as I walked into the room, with my wang hanging out, I was like, she's here to do porn, why else would I have it hanging out. Turns out I had my days mixed up and she was the one who didn’t want to do it and the girl tomorrow did. Oh Fuck I have got my wires crossed. Well I had a hard dick by now and there was no way I was not getting Sophia to make it go down, time to turn on the charm of why it is a good idea for her to do it and all the benefits I can bring her. Of course like the legend I am she was soon sucking on my cock, she was a dirty bitch deep down :0)

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