Dusk Films - TRAILER S2 EP20 Zara DuRose


Dusk Films - TRAILER S2 EP20 Zara DuRose
Zara DuRose - The College Crush There’s a part of me I don’t show too often. Mainly because its the smallest part of my personality. That’s my caring affectionate side. Yes even a dirty fucker like me has one. It just takes a lot for me to show it. Being a pervert that I am when all I want to do is fuck as many wet holes as I can, it doesn’t leave much room for me to show it. There’s not many in my life so far that has allowed me to show it, but every guy has a story, the same story told in different ways but its still the same story, a story about a girl. Even I liked a girl at one point in my life. Her name was Zara DuRose and she was beautiful, had an amazing body and most of all she was the first girl in college to be nice to me. She is someone even now as a pervert I always wanted to fuck but I liked her more than that, in my terms I wanted to fuck her more than once, over and over, thats affection for me. Trouble is in a sexual way I was invisible to her. She had plenty guys after her sure, some would say they were a lot like me now. Sex pests that just wanted to fuck girls. I was her friend, she used to talk to me and I used to help her with all the geeky stuff too. Over the years since I have just become a pervert and locked that part away. Until once day I bumped into her in the super market and those feelings came back, she was even more stunning that before. She said she was a fetish model, I didn’t tell her what I did now as she thought I was nice and cute not a fucking con man, so I just said I was a photographer. She said that I should shoot her sometime, if it meant seeing her and spending time with her I was just going to wing it if she ever did want a photo shoot. Scarlet was teasing me as one day I got the call. As soon as I was around her I went back to that college kid I was. Scarlet was gob smacked that I was being nice, a side she had never seen. Zara was married now, while I was making her a cuppa, she was checking her e-mails on my mac, and I stupidly left my site open didn’t I. She saw the site, saw I was on it just as I was walking in to give her a cup of tea. Fuck I had been rumbled. She was surprised but not shocked or disgusted. I was getting ready to lay on all the excuses thick and fast but she said it was fine and she was happy and she had thought about doing it. She said if she did it with me she would feel more comfortable. I then did something I never ever thought I would see myself doing. I actually tried to talk her out of it, because I didn’t see her like the rest. She was quite insistent that she wanted to do it, and I was fighting with the pervert within as this was my dream right in front of me. In the end it looked like she would of been hurt if i said no. 10 mins later I was seeing the girl of my dreams strip off in front of me, I started groping her tits, she was playing with herself on camera, man I was almost ready to burst. Then she got on her knees,...

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