Emma Chase - One Night With A Prostitute: Vivian Ward


Emma Chase - One Night With A Prostitute: Vivian Ward
You ring Vivian Ward (Pretty Woman) about doing a house call. She doesn't normally travel for her appointments, but she makes an exception. You tell her to let herself in when she arrives. You find her fiddling with your stuff and get straight down to business. She asks you what you want to do and then drops to her knees to bring your fantasy to life! You know the rules! Condoms for everything, yes, even a blowjob. She gives you a long, sensual, sloppy blowjob and urges you to go ahead and fuck her before the price goes up. She slowly strips out of her clothes for you and you can't handle it! You have to fuck her now! You take her doggy style, from the front, doggy again, then cum deep inside her pussy and watch it all drip out. (VERY Natural cum lube, not bad dragon mess style.) She cleans your cock off for you and asks if you want to book another appointment. INCLUDES: cosplay, dress up, prostitute, hookers, blowjob, POV bj, dirty talk, doggy style fuck, fuck machine, multiple positions, moaning, begging, creampie, and more!

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