ErosArts - Sis knows I'm a masturbation addict


ErosArts - Sis knows I'm a masturbation addict
I am a Loser with a capital "L". I know this and admit it. I can't get lucky with any girl I attempt to flirt with. They look at me as if I am speaking a foreign language then walk away in a disgusted huff. I try to watch porn but I can't relate to a lot of what I find. I like more fetish type stuff like spying on average looking girls without them knowing. I like to imagine myself on the other side of their bedroom door as they are changing into their pajamas, first the street clothes come off one by one, then maybe the panties. I always wonder who goes to bed in their panties AND pajama pants or just the pajama pants or booty shorts even. I guess I am what one would call, a voyeur. My addiction seeped over to my real life when my step-sister found pictures of herself on my phone. I didn't mean to take pictures of her but her door was cracked and she had on such a cute outfit, I immediately started rubbing my dick while looking at her. I took a pic in hopes of returning to my bedroom to look at her pic and rub one out in private. I was so flustered I went to the kitchen instead to wait out the boner by grabbing a bite to eat, this is where I made my mistake. I left my phone on the counter where my sister found it and called me into her room for a confrontation. Why I didn't just go rub one out and keep my phone in my grip says what a complete loser I am. I had to go for some comfort food before cock time and now I'm in trouble. My sister may be petite but her tongue packs a big pow! She hit me where it hurts with her words. She told me to lie down so she could humiliate me for being a pervert. I did as I was told. She said for punishment she was going to crank out my cum while telling me what a pathetic excuse for a brother I am. If I didn't agree to her demands she would tell our parents I spied on her and took pictures of her. I can handle my sister being mad and disgusted with me but not our parents, they know I am kind of loner but they would be so disappointed in knowing I was perving on my sister. My sis grabbed hold of my semi wood and started tossing it against my leg and giggling. I'm not sure if I want her to be in control of my cock right now but I have no choice. Her grip is tight and with hardly any lube it is almost irritating me instead of arousing me like her pics did. I just want this to be over as soon as possible. She pulls, tugs, yanks and cranks in every way possible until she commands me to cum so she can take an incriminating pic of my jizz all over her. She's going to show what few friends I have my pussy load as she calls it. Just when I thought I couldn't sink any lower on the popularity ship, my step-sister has to assert her bratty self and destroy any shred of dignity I had. Now that I am free of that pathetic cum load I guess I will slink back to my own room and resume my search of average girls NOT related to me in any way for my next fantasy stroke session. S...

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