EroticaBabes - Anastasia Lux nude rope


EroticaBabes - Anastasia Lux nude rope
Anastasia Lux is nude in bed with a long length of jute bondage rope suspended from the ceiling. She introduces the scene and says that she hope you enjoy watching it. She starts by bringing the rope around her boobs and pulling and playing with her tits against the rope. There's no actual bondage in this scene, Anastasia is playing with the rope across her body. Squeezing it against her tits. She sits down on the bed and plays with the rope around her feet and toes. She lays down and wraps the rope along her body and between her legs, still using her feet to control the rope. She asks "Do you want to come and play with me?" She binds her boobs and jiggles the end of the rope to make her tits bounce. She rolls onto all fours and kneels on the bed. She pulls the rope between her legs and strains against it, feeling the rope against her crack. Her massive tits dangle and sway as she moves. The rope is rubbing her pussy and clit and she loves it. She turns around and backs her ass towards the camera. She positions the rope across her ass and pulls it tight. Squeezing her ass cheeks tight, she's chatting to you as she does this. "Do you want it tighter?" she asks you. Then she changes position and goes onto her back with her legs open. She wraps the rope around her feet and pulls more rope across her body. She is in the 'fuck me' position and looks so hot. She gives a gentle spank of her ass and thighs and then she's jiggling and bouncing her boobs as if you are fucking her. We slow this sequence down so you can see her tits wobble and bounce and you pound her. Hump that chick. Bounce, bounce, bounce. Then Anastasia starts to slap her tits together with her hands. We stay in the missionary POV as she plays with her tits. She pulls the rope across them again. Then she sits up on the edge of the bed and continues to slaps her tits even more. The sound of boob flesh meeting boob flesh is awesome. She dribbles on her tits and gets her boobs and nipples wet. She rubs her nipples and bangs her tits together. Oh that sound of flesh on flesh. Imagine your dick between those massive boobs. Oh the joy. She asks you this very question! This was shot with 2 cameras, a close up and a medium wide framing. We swap between the two camera angles throughout the video

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