EroticaBabes - Danielle Maye pregnant hula hooping


EroticaBabes - Danielle Maye pregnant hula hooping
We photographed Danielle a few times whilst she was pregnant, here at 8 months pregnant. Her body looks fabulous and she chats to you about the need to keep fit during pregnancy. She claims she's not great at hula hooping, but bless her she gives it a good try. She does have a tough time with a large belly and swollen boobs trying to hula hoop. She giggles and take the activity in her stride, as only Danielle knows how. Lots of bending over as she picks up the hoop from the floor. She tries from different positions, facing forwards, side on, and facing the back wall. We have 2 camera angles used her, a close up and a medium wide. We swap between the two angles throughout the video. The lighting we've used really helps to emphasis Danielle's swollen belly and boobs. There's plenty of shaking, jiggling and swaying going on here as she tries to keep the hoop up off the ground. She doesn't give up that's for sure. We wouldn't want to you to miss out on some slow motion sequences either. From 09:47 mm:ss to the end of the video at 20:56 mm:ss we put all the slow motion sequences together. There's some super footage where the hula hoop presses into Danielle's boobs and squashes them as it rotates round her body, marvellous stuff. So that's 9 minutes of normal speed, and 10 minutes of slow motion. Hold onto your seed for as long as you can

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