EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou box high


EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou box high
Gemma is topless and sitting on a butcher's block trolley, well in fact she's tied to it! Her ankles are tied to the legs of the trolley and she has a full chest harness with her arms tied in behind her back. Resting between her legs is a Jennings mouth gag. We join Gemma as she starts to struggle and release herself from the bondage. The ropes are too tight and she make no progress on this. You get some great close ups of her boobs as she struggles and moves about as best she can. Mostly the video is shot from the front, but there is some footage looking at the bondage from behind too. Here, Gemma finds one of the ends of the rope, but she's unable to make and progress on getting untied, you do see the ropes are starting to get looser as she struggles and moves about. There's some great eye contact sections in this clip too. Right at the end we put the Jennings mouth gag on her and she soon starts to dribble and long streams of drool can be clearly seen. Spit builds up on her lips and runs out of her mouth and onto the table top between her thighs

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big boobs topless all natural bondage rope swallowing / drooling