evadevil - Turning Up The Heat


evadevil - Turning Up The Heat
You’re still a NORMAL guy… right? You’re not TOTALLY hooked yet… are you? I knew you’d be able to withstand the first round of torment. Anyway, the idea that you could get addicted just from cumming for my tits is absurd! You have NOTHING to worry about. Just because you want to STROKE TO ME EVERY DAY, doesn’t mean you’re becoming addicted. You do it because it feels good. It’s not like I’m conditioning you to get weaker every time I call you MY GOOD BOY. Just stay FOCUSED on fighting your addiction and you’ll be fine. You can stop anytime. When I start counting you down, revealing my beautiful nipples, and you feel the urge to cum building inside you, it’s not because you’re PROGRAMMED to give in. It just feels incredible… and there’s no need to fight that. Enter the highly anticipated next chapter to Playing With Fire. You’ve all been begging me to release it. You needed more, didn’t you? [Wear headphones to experience the full mind fuck]

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