Faye Taylor - Cushie to Pampers diaper change and pee


Faye Taylor - Cushie to Pampers diaper change and pee
I’m in my apartment, preparing to have a lovely change I’m wearing a striped jumper, my shapely legs are bare, on my cute little feet I have on a pair of ice cream socks, and I’m fastened into a very soggy Cushies. I’ve got myself nice and comfortable on a pink padded changing mat, and as you can see, my Cushies looks so big and bulky I take off my jumper, so that you get a very cheeky look at my naked body, and then I put on my Trouble Maker t-shirt…well, you know that I can be a bit of a troublesome scamp Ive selected a Pampers to change into, which will match my t-shirt perfectly, and after removing the Cushies, I expertly fasten myself into the new plastic. It fits me beautifully, and looks so tight and snug, and I’m so excited to be in something fresh that I decide to wet it immediately! I send a warm jet spilling into my Pampers, and enjoy that wonderful feeling as I sense it being slowly filled. You can see it changing shape, and when I’m finally satisfied, I jiggle my bum up and down to cause it to slosh and squelch! Time to pop in a pretty purple pacifier, and enjoy the sogginess

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