Faye Taylor - DC Amor Review


Faye Taylor - DC Amor Review
I’m having a day indoors doing something that I enjoy very much…reviewing a diaper. I’m wearing a pink vest, and on my cute little feet I have on an adorable pair of turquoise socks with little pictures of flamingos on them. And strapped on tight, and even more adorable than the socks, is a white and fluffy Abena diaper. Beside me on the settee is a gorgeous pink DC Amor diaper, and whilst I’m sitting comfortably, I discuss what I think about this beautiful garment, and give my knowledgeable opinions! Level of comfort, ease of application, how absorbent it is, the way it looks, and how it feels around the bum…all the things that a true diaper lover should be thinking about! After all this talk, I just can’t resist trying it on there and then, and I slip off the Abena and change into the DC Amor. It feels very crinkly, and you just can’t beat that rustling noise that is unique to brand new diapers when you have immediately strapped them on. And the fact that it’s pink and matches my vest is even cuter too! The glass of water on the floor by the settee might give a clue that I’ve been consuming lots, and now my bladder is full and needs emptying, so what better time to test another of the DC Amor’s qualities? I let out a powerful golden jet into the diaper, and I can actually feel it getting heavier and bulkier around me as it fills. I switch positions on the settee and lay on my tummy, which shows off my bum, and also lets me enjoy the sensation of the soaking wet diaper pressing against the front of my crotch. The whole things feels wonderful, and I close my eyes and savour the moment. An afternoon well spent. Watch the video to hear my review and find out if my opinions agree with yours. After all, there is nothing more attractive than going into diaper details

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