Faye Taylor - Jodhpurs and ID Slip peeing


Faye Taylor - Jodhpurs and ID Slip peeing
I’m sitting in my bedroom with a very full bladder, and I’m about to do something a bit cheeky I’m wearing a yellow t-shirt, my shapely legs are bare, on my cute little feet I have on a fluffy pair of pink socks, and I’m tightly fastened into a very crinkly ID Slip. I have some cream coloured jodhpurs next to me on the bed, and I have decided that I am going to put them on over the top of my ID Slip! This is really exciting, because jodhpurs are very padded around the insides of the legs and the bum area, and when I put them on over the top of my padded ID Slip, everything is going to feel unbelievably tight and bulky, and when my bladder is close to tipping point, that adds up to a lot of fun indeed! The only question now is whether to wet my ID Slip first, and then put the jodhpurs on over the top of the soggy plastic…or put them on beforehand so that they are already in place before I wet my ID Slip. Decisions decisions Tune in to the video to see which option I chose, and how the wetting actually went

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