Faye Taylor - Jogging bottoms outdoor peeing


Faye Taylor - Jogging bottoms outdoor peeing
I’m out having a walk around the city centre. I’m wearing a grey jumper, a light grey pair of leggings, and on my cute little feet I have on a turquoise pair of socks and my white Converse sneakers. I didn’t empty my bladder before setting off on my walk, and now I’m desperate to go! The back street I’m in is far from private, and there is at least one car parked up that I can see, which means that there is a good chance that there are people milling around…but my bladder can’t hold out any longer so I’ve got no choice but to take a risk I take a seat on the pavement, and whilst holding my camera really low to perfectly capture the action, I give in to temptation A powerful stream bursts through the crotch of my leggings, and falls down onto the dry, dusty road next to the kerb My release starts to flow away like a miniature river, and the easing of the pressure on my swollen bladder feels amazing! I know that someone might catch me, but this only adds to the thrill, and when I’m finally finished, I stand up and then follow the trail of moisture I’ve left deposited I let you see just how soaked my leggings are, and as I continue my walk, the wet stain is on show for all to see Soggy city centre strolls are so much fun

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