Faye Taylor - Making breakfast


Faye Taylor - Making breakfast
I’m in my kitchen making my breakfast. I’m wearing my fluffy pink jumper, a tight pair of light blue jeans, and my cute little feet are bare. I’m preparing avocado on toast, because apart from being very yummy, it’s extremely nutritional and will give me lots of energy for the day ahead Because I have only just got up and dressed myself, I haven’t had the chance to empty my bladder yet, and it’s absolutely bursting. But despite being desperate to go, I really can’t be bothered to go to the bathroom, and besides, I’m in the middle of my breakfast preparation, and I don’t want to burn my toast! I have no choice but to let nature take it’s course right there in the kitchen whilst I’m stood by the counter. A powerful squirt bursts from me, soaking my jeans in seconds. The light colour of the material really shows up the damp patches, which are rapidly spreading, particularly around my crotch and the inside of my legs. But I carry on what I’m doing whilst this is going on, because I’m so hungry! The jeans are even tighter now that they are wet through, and are actually clinging to my skin. Lots of my release has run down through the bottom of the jeans and onto the wooden floor of the kitchen, and as I begin to eat my food, my cute little toes are squelching around in the puddle I’ve made! Because it’s the first wetting of the day and has been building up for a while, its a big one, and very warm too They do say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when you are tucking into it in soggy clothes, this is even more true

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