Faye Taylor - Sexy pantyhose bed wetting


Faye Taylor - Sexy pantyhose bed wetting
I’m in my bedroom and I’m in an extremely naughty mood I’m wearing a lacy pink negligee with an attractive pink ribbon attached to it, and I also have on a lovely smooth pair of tan coloured nylon tights, which make my shapely legs and my cute little feet look even hotter I’ve placed a plush pink throw on top of the duvet to make myself even more comfortable, and as I stretch out on it, I run my toes up and down my nylon covered legs, savouring the lovely feel of the material against my skin. As I continue to strike some sexy poses, I can feel that my bladder is full to bursting point, and in the mood I’m in, this is only going to mean one thing… I slowly slide off my nylon tights and scrunch them up so that they are in a ball in front of me on the throw. I’ve made sure that the hole of the nylons is facing upwards, so that they have become a receptacle of sorts…can you guess what I’m going to do? Unable to hold it in any longer, I slightly hitch up the hem of my negligee, and let out a powerful squirt onto (and into) the nylons! I can see that the colour of them is darkening as they absorb the moisture, and plenty of my release is splashing onto my clean fresh throw as well! The easing of the tension on my bladder makes me tingle all over, and when I’m finally satisfied, I waste no time in unfolding the drenched nylons and sliding them back on! They feel very different now that they are soaked through, but to be honest I’m loving this new and exciting sensation. I strike some more poses on the bed, making sure I get onto my knees to show off my peachy bum. Now that the nylon tights are so soggy, they are sticking to my skin like glue…luckily though, I’m in no rush whatsoever to take them off again

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