Faye Taylor - Wet Dotty diaper flashing by the lake


Faye Taylor - Wet Dotty diaper flashing by the lake
It’s a lovely day and I’m out in the English countryside. I’m wearing a black dress, a pink denim jacket, my shapely legs are bare, and on my cute little feet I have on a fluffy pair of pink socks and my black Adidas sneakers. Underneath my dress, strapped tight against my pert little bum, is a very wet Dotty the Pony. I pan the camera around to show the beautiful green landscape, but before long I’m pointing the camera towards something even prettier…my soggy Dotty the Pony! I walk towards some iron railings, which overlook a big lake, and my Dotty the Pony is so saturated and bulky that it can clearly be seen sticking out below the bottom of my dress I squat down, and whilst my dress is cheekily hitched up, I strike some naughty poses, running my fingertips over my crotch It’s an appropriate place for me to be wriggling around, because as well as being beside a lake, it feels like I have a lake inside my Dotty the Pony, if you know what I mean? It’s so pretty too, and I love the way it matches the colour of my pink jacket. Well, if any other walker happens to spot me, at least I’m colour coordinated

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