Gartersex - fuck me with BBC and give me a baby


Gartersex - fuck me with BBC and give me a baby
I could not wait to get you home. Ever since I met you at the bar tonight I have been thinking about this moment. Pulling down my dress and showing you the sexy lingerie I am wearing underneath. I am SO turned on by black men I have a confession to share with you. I am ovulating right now and I am craving your sperm. I am so hopped up on fertility medicine I am going crazy. I bet you are going to knock me up for sure. Does that turn you on? I can see from the bulge in your pants that's a yes. I think that mixed babies are SO cute. Oh baby we are gonna make such beautiful babies. Such beautiful curly hair.... I am going to make you bust a nut inside my pussy and then I am going to shove that sperm deep inside of me to make sure you got me pregnant. You like this curvy body now just wait and see after I get preggers. These big sex tits are going to be so heavy with milk and my hips are going to get wider and wider. Bouncing my ass in your face teasing you with that awesome booty. This ass is going to get even juicier. I know you are gonna just love my gorgeous big round belly. I wanna share every moment with you. Fuck me all night long and cum in me over and over I am gonna seduce that seed out of you. I love that BBC so much i cum HUGE and then fist my pussy to make sure I push that cum in nice and deep

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