GoddessNatalie - Hubby's Valentine's Day surprise


GoddessNatalie - Hubby's Valentine's Day surprise
I know that my husband is really looking forward to our Valentine's date later tonight, but I can bet he has no idea what I have planned for us! As an amazing wife - which I mostly certainly am - I bought us tickets to go on a trip. The only thing is that the trip will be to Jamaica and we'll be staying at this Cuckold resort (https://xhamster.com/videos/bbc-cuckold-resort-5535114). It is a special little place in Negril, where hot women like me get to enjoy some BBC, while their cuckold hubbies only watch when they're allowed to! It sounds like such a dream, doesn't it? I know this was unexpected for him, but to be sure I'm making the right decision, I brought a Jamaican stud over, and for our Valentine's, I'm gonna make my hubby watch as I try that cock out. If it was a mistake, I'll cancel the tickets. But if I end up liking it, we're totally going! So..which option do you think I'll end up going for? lol if you're still unsure, I guess you're gonna find out soon enough oh, and you better not touch without DM-ing me for permission!

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