GoddessNatalie - Quarantine sex diary - day 3


GoddessNatalie - Quarantine sex diary - day 3
So, I decided that given the situation with the virus at the moment, it would be best if I self-isolated! It's pretty dangerous out there and never know when you could get infected, so it's best to stay indoors with enough food, dr*nks, your favorite shows and...of course...the right person, too! I wasn't just going to pick any guy for this, so I tested 10 different ones and chose the best of them all. The lucky winner will spend 14 days in quarantine with me, and we're gonna be fucking like crazy! And guess what, little one? Because I'm THAT nice and generous, I decided to give you the privilege of hearing all the little details of what we're gonna be up to while stuck in quarantine. But only as long as you'll be a good boy and you'll also self-isolate for the next 2 weeks! I want you safe and isolated in quarantine, with your cock in your hand, spending all of your free time binging on my clips. You can work from home and spend the rest of the time listening to the details of my juicy sex life! Sounds fun? Here we start! This is part 3 of the sex diary - make sure you get part 1 and 2 as well and keep an eye out for more!

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