Harley James - Happy Birthday Sploshing


Harley James - Happy Birthday Sploshing
Happy Birthday from me! I brought you a special treat! Watch me blow out the candles, and dip my finger in the icing for a taste. Then I poke my toes into the cake, before I sit down on it, squishing it under my cute little ass. I get up and smear the icing across my butt, and continue to play with the cake taking little bites and rubbing it over my naked body. But theres more! I brought all the ingredients for an ice cream sundae! I begin to pour and smear cold vanilla ice cream on me, and the melted ice cream runs down my warm, tight body. I top off the sundae with some chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and whipped cream! I’m covered in a delicious sweet sticky mess by the end! 1920x 1080

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