hazelsimone - Curious Teen Turned K9 Cumslut


hazelsimone - Curious Teen Turned K9 Cumslut
My dog Rex is supposed to be neutered in a few days, and he's been bugging me a LOT. Sniffing my ass, humping my leg... I'm annoyed but understanding. All that built up cum and nowhere to put it? I feel bad for him, and decide to give him a release with my mouth before we take him to the vet. "Wow! I had no idea my dog had such a big cock!" I giggle and start to suck him off. Almost immediately he begins to cum in my mouth, and I'm surprised to find I enjoy the taste. I love seeing how excited he seems to have me tease him with my tongue, and start to get very turned on. I try to deepthroat his knot, and cum spills out of my mouth as my lips wrap around the base of his shaft. I gag and spit all over his cock, and he tries to hump my face - cumming over and over and filling up my little mouth with hot doggy seed until I've drained every last drop. By the end of it, I've been converted to a K9 cumslut. .

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