HotWifeMidna21 - My Second Spitroast - Preview


HotWifeMidna21 - My Second Spitroast - Preview
I was so happy to get my second spitroast! Not to mention the guy had a HUGE tattooed cock! Not only did it stretch out my pussy, but it filled my mouth too! I've never had such a big cock! No man has ever made me cum so fucking hard before! As I'm writing this, I begin to feel my clit throb, my panties soak and my mouth water just thinking about his thick meaty cock He made me squirt missionary non-stop and I drench his poor bed, while playing with my husbands cock. Squirting uncontrollably all over his cock made him release his MASSIVE load DEEP inside my slutty, little pussy. My husband took his sloppy seconds like I wanted him to. He reached his fingers deep inside my pussy to pull out all of the other guys cum and kept feeding me the creampie I was given, while he was fucking me I ended up with so much of his cum in my mouth, on my lips and in my stomach. I've never been so turned on or cum so hard when my husband surprised me by...

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