ivyhelix - Cheating Girlfriend Double Creampie


ivyhelix - Cheating Girlfriend Double Creampie
You're minding your own business when Ivy, your best friend's girlfriend, comes over and asks if she can talk to you. It doesn't take long until she tells you that she just found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her, but she stopped being upset when she realized it means she can finally fuck the guy she's really had her eye on--you! She pulls out your cock and sucks it, taking pictures and video to let her boyfriend know what he cheated on. After a few minutes of sucking your cock and talking about how big it is (bigger than her boyfriend's!), she asks if you want to fuck her. She bends over for you and it doesn't take long for you to cum inside of her little pussy, but she's not done yet and lays on her back, begging for you to fuck her more. Ivy cums really hard just before you fill her pussy with a big creampie again, and she makes sure to film the cum dripping out of her to send to her boyfriend.

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