IvyStarshyne - Nannys Guide To Cleanliness


IvyStarshyne - Nannys Guide To Cleanliness
Wondering why I'm in your room, surely. I'm the nanny of course, and I am meant to be in bedrooms cleaning up after people - but YOU are special, you are such a clean little guy. The absolute best at cleaning up your room. However, as the nanny, I do clean other areas of the house. It's come to my attention that you are leaving behind some... "residue"... you know what I mean... You've been jerking off in other parts of the house! You are the only one who could possibly be doing this. I think it's important that I teach you - as a clean person - how to be THAT much more clean. Sure, paper towels work... but... It may be inconvenient at times. There are other, SPECIAL ways to clean up. So pull it out, and show me what you do to get nice and hard.

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