JackieSynn - Your Slutty Sister Becomes Your Fantasy


JackieSynn - Your Slutty Sister Becomes Your Fantasy
Your Slutty Sister Becomes Your Fantasy Pornstar ::This was a custom video for fan Sam:: "So, consistent with the last 2 videos, you got huge perfect new implants a few months back, and after noticing how badly I was affected, and how I had to constantly sneak off and jack it thinking about you, you took pity on me and starting sucking my cock occasionally to give me some of what everyone else was getting - but after just a few weeks of that you stopped "servicing" me, which has led to me being twice as horny for you, obviously distracted any time you walk into the room, looking at your sexy curves in your little skimpy outfits (I LOVE hearing about how skimpy your outfits are), remembering what an unbelievably hot cumslut you are and how amazingly you sucked my cock the few times I got to experience it. You know I've been resorting to watching tons and tons of porn in my room, and that leads up to your next big surprise for me - you're going to be my personal pornstar. Tell me how the next time you have a guy over, you're going to set up a camcorder in your bedroom and record yourself sucking his cock to perfection, and making him blow a huge load all over your face and your sexy rack....and then you're going to email the video to me! You're going to start off with just a blowjob video....but every couple of days, you're going to record a new video of you being an absolute slut, leading up to a video of you sucking and fucking all my friends in your bedroom when I'm not around, so I'll have to stare at my screen and watch you pleasure each one of them in turn, watching the looks of absolute ecstasy on their faces and they way you make them moan and their eyes roll back in their head from pleasure, while you suck and fuck them dry, your perfect tits and your big sexy white booty jiggling everywhere on your short little skinny frame. I will of course be completely addicted to these videos, and soon I'll be watching them all the time in place of porn....with the effect that I won't be able to look at your without picturing all the nasty things you do with my friends and other men in the videos. I'm going to get even more completely addicted to Sarah, I practically won't be able to get a hardon without my mind immediately thinking of you, I'm going to be so obsessed from constantly watching all the sexy dirty things you do in the videos you're going to send me. Tell me about how hard I'll get for you around the house, how you'll be able to make my cock leak just from subtle little knowing glances, and when you dress really really sluttily and obviously tease me, you'll probably even be able to make me lose control and let out a moan and flood my pants with cum, yearning to have you." 4th in a series of Sarah videos, also check out: "Your Slutty Sister Sarah Loves to Tease You" "Your Slutty Sister Sarah Helps You Drain Your Balls" and "Your Sister is a Cocksucking Champ!"

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